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Our Vision

To position Saudi Arabia as the driving force behind the arts and culture in the Middle East, and to have an active role in help the Art Revolution in our contemporary art scene.

Our Mission

We go to great lengths to support visual arts in the Arab world and to take those to international events as well as to set up a clear investment climate for visual arts in the Arab world.

About Arabian Wings

About Arabian Wings
Arabian Wings Art Foundation is a non-Profit art organization founded in 2006, in Jeddah Saudi Arabia. Arabian Wings has been supporting Modern and Contemporary Arts in the MENA Region with the help of its sister company “TheGallery”. Since then our events have been reaching the rapidly growing Art Community all over KSA. Arabian Wings holds art related events and participates in festivals and art workshops. In addition to curating seminars and conferences, we sponsor artist residencies and produce art books, hold competitions and award ceremonies. We act as a platform for emerging Saudi and Arab talent through sponsoring their participation in constructive projects and by being part of international events such as art fairs, biennales, competitions and residencies, thereby attempting to stir a prosperous art market. We curate and host different art competitions to develop the technical skills of artists in the region. We play a key role in the educational process since it is well aware of the importance of preparing an environment suited to develop art skills and expand all types of art potential. Arabian Wings has become a curatorial platform ; an organization whose principal activity is focused on the development and presentation of cultural artifacts. We aspire to have an active role in the Art Revolution hitting our contemporary art scene, this through our quarterly publication, Myn Magazine, which acts as a bridge between cultures.



Mohammed Bahrawi

Mohammed Bahrawi was born in Makkah, Saudi Arabia. Although he specialized in computer science and IT systems, his deeply rooted penchant for visual arts contributed to his accumulation of numerous art training sessions. He studied photography and sculpture and founded Arabian Wings Art Foundation to blend his passion for arts with his management expertise.

Mohammed Bahrawi acquired a vast knowledge of visual arts through reading art books, attending international art seminars and visiting exhibitions throughout the world. He penned articles about visual arts and he contributed critiques to art magazines, newspapers and books.

From 2011 onwards, he focused on curating, acting as curator for Jameel Photography Award for three consecutive years, focusing on Limited Edition, a flagship project in visual arts in Saudi Arabia, and Arabian Wings Contemporary Art Award as well as Arabian Wings Contemporary Sculpture Award alongside many solo exhibitions for various artists. Bahrawi the artist, has showcased his artworks in local and international exhibitions, participated in Florence Biennale in 2011.
Co Founder

Najlaa Felemban

Najlaa Felemban was born in Makkah, Saudi Arabia. Her vocation was and still is Arabic linguistics as well as the Visual Arts. Her late father was a calligraphy artist and her first inspiration. She is self-taught in the visual arts; she attended art training sessions to learn drawing and sculpture in various ores, seminars and art conferences, through visiting museums and international exhibitions and exploring art books.

Felemban possesses vast management and curatorial expertise. She has curated many seminars and conferences regarding contemporary and visual arts in Saudi Arabia and abroad. She has also penned the Limited Edition Books accompanying the Limited Edition projects.

Najlaa Felemban is a well-known public figure in her community for her significant influence on the art scene in Saudi Arabia and for her direct influence in developing the contemporary art movement. Likewise, she has proved serious commitment in supporting emerging talent in the Kingdom and she is an established artist in her own right.

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About Arabian Wings

Arabian Wings Art Foundation is a non-Profit art organization founded in 2006, in Jeddah Saudi Arabia. Arabian Wings has been supporting Modern and Contemporary Arts in the MENA Region.

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