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Residency programs

Residency Programs

Residency programs are often held in different countries around the world and are open to international artists who are given the opportunity to live away from their home for a few months and to work in an environment conducive to learning. At residencies, artists are provided with various resources such as a library of art books and are monitored by academic professionals for their progress and productivity during their stay. The objective of such programs is to offer participating artists the opportunity to discover new cultures by engaging with a new city and other artists. Residencies also aim to provide visiting artists with artistic inspiration and allow them to network and build relationships within their field. Artists enroll in residency programs to escape external pressures and concentrate on producing works to a high quality under the supervision of professionals, who in addition to providing guidance can help bridge the gap between visiting artists and their new temporary homes. Arabian Wings and International Residency Programs Arabian Wings is keen on sponsoring artists practicing all types of contemporary art such as photographers and performance artists. The application process is open to all Saudi Arabian artists for duration of 5 months whereby 4 to 6 artists are chosen each year based on their submitted applications. Artists get to choose the program and location of interest and Arabian Wings is responsible for delegating professionals to support the artists in their new experience away from home. Arabian Wings is devoted to fully sponsoring the artists and covers all the extracurricular expenses such as travel and day-to-day. This support is seen as an important step towards achieving the goals set forth by Arabian Wings to make the international world better acquainted with local artists and to aid the cultural and technical knowledge of these artists.
Art workshops

Art Workshops

Art workshops are a driving force that empowers parallel activities for art events. They can be in different forms that are suitable to the nature of the organized exhibitions. In light of many factors that are linked to organization of the workshop, a proposed model is set up, deriving its themes from the theoretical aspects that are linked to art concepts and the practice at the heart of the workshop. Art workshops stand out because they help convey insights and ideas to everyone at once in a very short time, because they mainly rely on assimilation, contact and observation. That is why Arabian Wings has been focusing and giving a great deal of attention to workshops, because it considers them as the best medium through which it can channel art cultures, intellect and systematic creativity. Such non-oriented education leads to using different media and techniques within audiovisual and linguistic systems presented with an improvised and systematic manner at the same time. This in itself is an art, for it is designed in a conscious way and in such way that makes participation in it a direct feed of an emotional and sensational experience for the recipient. As a result for such workshops, creative skills will be honed artistically and culturally. There will be a wide horizon for sharing artistic and cultural experiences as well as for engaging human and artistic connections that will be carved deep into the hearts of the participants in terms of collaboration, intimacy and social interaction. There will also be collaborations between different parties and bodies specialized in art movement.
Seminars and lectures

Seminars & Lectures

Seminars and lectures with the purpose of spreading awareness have an important role in developing individuals and society. They contribute in shaping ideas and simplifying the array of artistic pictures in a more accessible way. They also help exchange information and insights between the speaker and the recipient seamlessly in an environment tailored specifically for this purpose. For this reason, at Arabian Wings, we endeavored to provide this space for artists, art students and artworks, and we made it available to the public. Indeed, these seminars and lectures are worthwhile since they have an important role in inciting critical thinking and discerning emerging ideas and techniques within a given art field and in letting recipients closely reflect on previous experiences. We strive on arranging group discussions about various art topics, exploring all elements of the topic and its different aspects. We highly welcome new theories and innovative ideas. We listen to the recipients’ questions and we let specialists answer to them. Likewise, art critiques are tackled for reflection and research. Arabian Wings is capable of communicating with the best local and international speakers in the field of visual arts. It also has considerable experience in adapting the suitable environment for all of such gatherings.

Arabian Wings Awards

For Contemporary Arts
Arabian Wings Award

For Contemporary Arts

Arabian Wings for Fine Arts interested in plastic arts and youth, supporting them in this field through a Creative Brush Competition. That competition has been lasted four years, have started in 2008 and ended in 2011. However, officials in Arabian Wings Company witness generally the development of the international plastic art movement and in particular Saudi plastic art movement. For that the company has sang a different tune concerning the main idea of the “Creative Brush” Competition in a way that copes with the international development in addition to the artistic demands. And on the other hand, in order to be unique and different from many other common competitions. That is why it tends to modern arts about which artists handle and talk, and such modern arts have creative expectations. By this the company is unique because it is the only one that announces a Competition for Modern arts with a true international essence in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. So nowadays, not everything available is included in the Modern arts. That the Company urges the ambitious youth to make further aspiration towards the international art and towards the international artistic market. The company determines a new standard in evaluating the participated works locally, and it offers the participated artists of all ages to know who the innovative artist is. And to name the artist who can keep on continuity in bringing and developing the serious and artistic ideas and experiences which are praise worthy to be international works, and at the same time proudly represent the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. And our aim is to be away from the common names, curricula vitae and courtesies to which we are accustomed, and by that our standard is just the excellent work.

In 2013, "Arabian Wings" put a new initiative of its kind in Saudi Arabia, where it founded the award an "Arab Wings Contemporary Sculpture Award", and this challenge was the first of its kind opened the way for competition among sculptors and highlight them through it. 30 amazing sculpture was displayed in (TheGallery) Art Space of Arabian Wings. The opening was by businesswoman Maha Fitaihi, and the Sculptures in the exhibition attracted the attention of the pioneers of contemporary art and amateurs interested because it presents a unique blend of contemporary sculpture and uneven in raw materials and contemporary techniques. This achievement of Arabian Wings and Abdul Latif Jameel initiatives is a leading role in the integration of the contemporary culture and the creation of a new sculptural project.

The Award Sectors : Contemporary Arts - Contemporary Sculpture - Photography

About Arabian Wings

Arabian Wings Art Foundation is a non-Profit art organization founded in 2006, in Jeddah Saudi Arabia. Arabian Wings has been supporting Modern and Contemporary Arts in the MENA Region.

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