The key Art and Cultural Annual Event in Jeddah
Iart by Arabian Wings, Jeddah

iart is a key art and cultural event that takes place annually during the month of February in Jeddah , the city of Art in Saudi Arabia. The moderate weather during that period allows for this event to take place outdoors as well as indoors, for 30 exciting days. This event highlights the depth and pace of development in Saudi Arabia through art related activities and exhibitions.. .

The main venue for iart is TheGallery Art Space, a 1,500sqm art gallery owned by Arabian Wings Art Foundation, a nonprofit organization founded by Mohammed Bahrawi and Najlaa Felemban in 2006 to support modern and contemporary arts in Saudi Arabia. Other art organizations have started organizing their art events in sync with iart. Hence, the day has become scheduled by many media stakeholders, critics, and collectors from Saudi Arabia and abroad.

The highlights of iart

• Education ,including Artists Workshops, Seminars, Conferences, Artist Talks & Interviews, live demonstrations of painting and sculpture, school and university participation in the form of organized trips to the gallery, tours and talks with the artists.

• Art Buses, taking visitors around Jeddah City, stopping at multiple arts and sculpture landmarks and venues as per a planned route. Starting at two locations, Red Sea Mall and IKEA, these buses will take passengers around on a guided tour of the main artistic, sculptural and architectural attractions of our city.

• Art Exhibition, includes works from established artists in the region, in collaboration with video art, performance, installation, sculpture, photography, paintings, plastic art; in addition to all the latest trends in visual arts around the globe. The Art Exhibition has two phases:..

1- Limited Edition Artists Exhibition, it's annual art show. This is a carefully curated exhibition for a group of local artists selected by a jury to create one piece of artwork each, which they have worked on throughout the year under the supervision of selected professional curator .

2- International Galleries Participation,where a handful of galleries from neighbouring countries send their best contemporary pieces to be displayed at TheGallery for the period of one month.

About Arabian Wings

Arabian Wings Art Foundation is a non-Profit art organization founded in 2006, in Jeddah Saudi Arabia. Arabian Wings has been supporting Modern and Contemporary Arts in the MENA Region.

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