Limited Edition
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Limited Edition

Unique Art Project meant for professionals, presented by professional

Limited Edition is the brainchild of Arabian Wings Art Foundation. It is an art project that aims to enrich and develop the arts in Saudi Arabia. It is open for participation by any artist who is ready to commit and go through its process until completion.

It starts by the artist applying online through the Arabian Wings website. The candidate must submit a proposal specifying the artwork concept, medium, description. After careful evaluation the artists are selected by a group of curators based on originality of technique and implementation.

The artist meets the curator to discuss the work in terms of the best possible solutions for its implementation.

The artist begins executing the artwork, under supervision and direction from the curator throughout the whole process, which takes up to one year to complete. Each step of production is documented and analyzed before the next step begins. This communication between artist and curator must happen at least five times.

In this process the artist takes guidance from a professional curator, but uses his own imaginative input as well to come up with the most impeccable artwork. It is an educational creative process. The artist goes on an academic hypothetical trip, merging his inventiveness and inspiration with instructions from his master.

Limited Edition artworks are exceptionally rare and unique pieces, which end up in the collections of our loyal Art Patrons who wait impatiently for these pieces to come out, knowing their value. They are the diamonds of our labor. They are the new generation Contemporary Arts that showcase our greatest talents and deepest concepts.

About Arabian Wings

Arabian Wings Art Foundation is a non-Profit art organization founded in 2006, in Jeddah Saudi Arabia. Arabian Wings has been supporting Modern and Contemporary Arts in the MENA Region.

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